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Terms and Conditions

All the orders, deliveries and services form is operated and managed by HMi GmbH in Markstraße 122, 44803 Bochum in Germany with the management of Ehsan Hashemi (as the German law your seller or contractor) must be done with accepting all the following Terms and condition.
Terms and Conditions are made, written and created by our Team and lawyers to make sure we keep the right for our business and obtain the highest respect to our customers.

A. Conclusion of contract

A1. The prices provided do not include the value-added tax, Shipping and packaging costs.
A2. Printing costs depends on the particular product that costumer choose and available printing technology.
A3. Designing, Printing, Copying, Cutting and sample making cost will be added depend on order.
A4. All the costs will be mentioned in order confirmation and invoice.
A5. Most oft he products are included printing and printing cost is already added to the prices. In some case printing cost could not be added and its depending on customer need and requirement.
A6. Printing time and Production time might be increased with the reason of unexpected Error or happenings by our printers or machines. 
*For exception and more info contact our sales team.*

B. Shipping and delivery

B1. When a customer wants a delivery or shipping with different types(Standard, Express or other), this can take place against advance payments.
B2. Unless the delivery charge is in order included or having a delivery/shipping redeem code.(Please check before your purchase)
B3. The same applies for the delivery of the samples to be shipped by the request of the costumer.
B4. HMi fulfils its delivery obligation with the delivery of the product to the contractor commissioned for its shipment.
B5. The risk for damages, if any, to the products and goods is passed over to the costumer at the time of delivery.
B6. Shipping days will be counted since an order is ready and handed over to the shipping company (either from our European, China or Middle east stock).
B7. Unprinted products will faster be given to Shipping companies. (according the availability in our stock)
B8. HMi will not accept any claim for Shipping or delivery damage, while the shipping companies will ship the goods with insurance most of the time and therefore, they are responsible for any damages or delays in shipment.
B9. In high Seasons, shipping and production might take longer than usual, HMi does not accept any claim, returning, cancelation or complains for that.
*Note* High Seasons such as, Easter – Valentine’s day – Chinese New year – Christmas – New year – Other occasions and other public holidays.*
B10.Shipping an order usually takes 24 up to 72 hours in Germany (according the shipping company and shipping type can be changed), however human mistakes and accidents can happen all the time in between to increase the shipping date, HMi does not accept any claim – cancelation – returning of printed products with any shipping delays.


C. Order Confirmation

C1. Quotation is only a type of offer and it may or cannot be used as a confirmation of order.
C2. After receiving quotation and accepting by the costumer a confirmation will be send automatically to the costumer.
C3. Order confirmation will contain a full detail of your orders and services you will receive from us, with all the costs and fees.
C4. For accepting and signing the order confirmation, you as our customer must read and accept our terms and conditions and policies.
C5. Payment must be done 100% within receiving the order confirmation, in order to start the production, printing, designing or any other ordered services.
C6. Before accepting, agreeing, signing the order confirmation, changes still can be made from both sides and if the order confirmation is signed, it cannot be cancelled or returned in most of the cases. (depends on the type of order, printing, designing, customization, production and other similar orders cannot be cancelled or returned at all the times.)
C7. Order confirmation must be signed physically if the customer visits our store in person, and if the order is made over internet, online shop, web shop or any other how, only the payment must be done as agreement to the order confirmation. 
C8. Prices and shipping time mentioned in quotation, offer or order preview (before confirmation), are only 72 hours (3working days) valid, after 72 hours the prices may be increased or at the other half decreased during the prices in the market.
C9. After agreeing, accepting and signing the order confirmation from both sides, HMi have the right to make changes, cancelation or re-order with the customer confirmation again as in some case might happen an emergency or unexpected error from our systems, printers or other parts of our company.
Note: Shipping time might be changed in invoice before receiving order confirmation from costumer.

D. Price and Payment

D1. The Prices which is shown in our website or catalog, are without value-added tax (VAT), shipping & delivery charges, designing & graphic works.
D2. Prices of products are liable to change at anytime.
D3. Increasing or decreasing the prices, will not effect orders in process, which order confirmation is received by costumer.
D4. All the products and services delivered to our costumers remain the property of HMi until a complete payment is received. In any case of not completing the payment costumer is liable for the products and services which are property of HMi.
D5. Payment Currency can be changed before the order confirmation. (please change your payment currency in your profile setting on our website if available.)
D6. Our system will not allow the new costumers to order with installment system or any other methods. First several orders must be paid first step to process the order, after several times our accounting depart. Will upgrade the account and therefore the costumer will have more payment options.
D7. Costumer can change the type of payment in an order by clicking my orders, pending orders, make changes. (This request must be accepted by our accounting dept. and it might take 72hours until the changes take place.)
D8. The prices of products will be verified as a part of our procedures after order confirmation again, if the product correct price is below our stated price we will change it to the lower price when dispatching the goods/products to you. (Only if by mistake a price has been given or written on a invoice or order confirmation)
D9. Incase of making the payment by PAYPAL or other methods an extra charge of 1% or above can be charged from third-party which this has nothing with HMi and the costumer must pay that as extra fees.

E. Refund and Return policy

E1. HMi does not have any refund or return policy. The goods/products once sold cannot be returned back.
E2. As most of the orders are printed with costumer LOGOS or NAMES, therefore most of the products are customized and cannot be returned.
E3. Costumer satisfaction is one of the main concerns of us, therefor we always try to take care of the claims and returning unprinted products in some cases. For more info please contact us or your sales person.
E4. After receiving the order confirmation, the order cannot be canceled or returned.
For more info, please contact us or your sales person.

F. Damaged or defective items

F1. In case of receiving defective promotional products, advertising items or any products please contact us within 7 days of receiving order to claim your order.
F2. Our quality control team will make sure to control all the products and services before sending and selling to customers.
F3. If changes or damages are made to the delivered items, goods, products, printed products, services by the customer or third parties, the liability of the supplier (HMi) is excluded.

G. Disclaimers:

G1. Color of the actual products may be slightly different from the image or artwork shown.
G2. Product Sizes might be slightly vary from what is written. As some of product size have been indicated in cm/mm.
G3. We make sure that important product details are provided for all of the products, however due to volume of information and products some info you need might have not been included, please contact us for this matter.
G4. Shipping weight and volumes are estimates and actual may vary from the estimated weight and volume. HMi will not take the responsible for the different in the shipping cost if it occurs.
G5. Quantities mentioned in our website are subject to change and are not final. Please be noted that we receive new shipments on regular bases or many times can be manufactured based on the order. In case of requiring bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time.
G6. The products provided by HMi include products of standard type and quality from industrial production, the customized goods which includes differences in the length, weight, width and color do not permit the costumer to claim any warranty right.
G7. For all kind of printing services and products, changes in color format, cannot be claimed (right to HMi and cannot be claimed-as our policy ), even if the print sample or proof are available. 
G8. For all kind of printing services and other products cutting and folding tolerance up to 2 mm may occur during production.
G9. Printing products and other items might be very little damaged while sticking, folding, cutting, packing or rolling. Therefore we usually – most of the times, include a small number as an extra quantity for only printing products to make sure our customer will be happy.

H. Cancellation and claims

H1. HMi does not accept any order or part of any order to be cancelled.
H2. Service charges, Printing charges, Shipping cost, fixed charges and designing charges are not refundable.
H3. After receiving an order confirmation, the order cannot be canceled or changed. After receiving an order confirmation our factory will automatically be known and the order will start with reserving the article and sending to our printing factory. Therefore, the cancellation can not take place, unless our sales team will accept and send a changing form to you.

I. Contents

I1. contains photos, graphics, pictures, videos, information’s, document layout, artworks, Fonts, descriptions, texts, plugins and many more thing which it contains HMi’s right to keep and use them. You as our visitor or customer may not retain to copy, share or use our data to use in other websites, blogs or any other official spots. Artworks, photos and graphic designing’s are made by our Graphic designer team and all the other photos which has been used from other webs or shops are officially purchased with copy rights and license number. 

J. Cancelation

J1. If the customer decided to cancel any printing order, Such as flyer – business card – brochure – calendar – writing block or any similar items, HMi has the right to charge the customer the full amount of the invoice, and 15€ in addition as fine for the time consuming task of any claiming or request for returning/cancelation of the order.

K. Contracts and on contract services

K1. Contracts can be quitted or cancelled by giving at least 3 month’s notice before the end of the contract with email-fax. 
K2. The contracts made between HMi and other parties, can not be quitted, cancelled or discontinued before the period of the agreement on the contract.