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Color of the actual products may be slightly different from the image or artwork shown.

Product sizes might be slightly vary from what is written. As some of products sizes have been indicated in ,,cm,, and some of them in ,,mm,, .

We make sure that important product details are provided for all of the products, however due to volume of information and products, some information and details you need, might have not been included.
Please contact us in this matter, We will be happy to help you out.

Shipping weight and volumes are estimates and actual may be vary from the estimated weight and volume. HMi will not take responsibility for different in the shipping cost if it occurs.
Quantities mentioned in our website are subject to change and are not final. Please be noted that we receive new shipments on regular bases, but it can be manufactured based on the order. In case of requiring bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time.
The products by HMi include products of standard type and quality from industrial production, the customized goods which includes differences in the length, weight, width, and color do not permit the customer to claim any warranty right.
*Note: Some of the products may include the warranty and check products detail page for more information.*