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Our Commitments


We will provide you free consultation before ordering, and you will receive an artwork of your selected (inquired) item printed with your logo for free by requiring. You can get consultation by sending mail, calling us or visiting our office or showroom. We are here to help you to find the best products and provide you the be service. Services such as web-designing, IT services, graphic designing, needs more consultation and information, and we welcome you always and we will try our best to give you best service always.

*note, Please make sure to get an appointment before visiting our office/showroom, in order to provide you better service and information.


We will provide you fair prices according to your selected items, printing methods, quantity, quality and shipping time. HMi offers you great value services and products with best prices in the market. You might find similar products, items and services for cheaper price in the market, but with different printing method, material, quality, service, production and shipping time.

But, if you got an official quotation or offer from other companies, send it to us and we will try to beat our competitors’ prices up to 20% and offer you a better deal.
Website and IT services might have different prices according your needs by different companies. Each company use their own way to create or design a website or provide you SEO services, which our professional IT team will lead us to the top methods, technologies, software’s and systems to achieve the to best results.

Please contact us for IT services so we can offer you better deal and find the best solution for your needs and requirements.


Our vision is to make our customers happy and make them come back to us in future. Therefore, HMi team will support you all the way from the beginning to the end to make sure you get the best out of your order.
If your delivered items or products are damaged, defected or printed wrong we will try our best to find the best solution for you in order to solve the issue.

If you made a contract with us or ordered a package for any of our IT or Graphic design services, we will support you after delivery of your project to make sure you will be happy and cooperate with us in future again.


We are happy to say that we offer a big range number of products and items with different printing methods, packings, productions, materials and quality.
Our big range of products and services allows you to match your budget with your needs and order the best suitable items or services for you or your business.

Our products can be found branded and high quality, in other half can be found with lower quality and lower price for the customers who are limited with their marketing budget.
This suits our graphic design, IT and SEO services. We offer our customers different packages with different prices and services. Please contact us to find the best services for you and your business.


Over 2 decades of experience in printed promotional gift items, customized products, IT services, advertising, marketing supplies and printing services.
This let us to have a professional and perfect team to provide you the best promotional products, advertising items, printing services, IT and graphic design services.

We took the best out of our history to build a better future for you as your marketing partner, and give a high level of confidence to you trust us and let us to do your marketing job at all the time.


Our loyalty to our customers in previous 30 years in all the world is the key to success for us till this point.
We care about our customers and always try our best to be loyal to them and build a better partnership between us.

No matter if you order a basic IT or SEO package or the professional packages you will get the best service and care from us.
We always try to do the best to ship the orders faster and provide a better quality of services to our customers to make them happy and satisfy.


Our plan for future is to create and be up to dated with the market. We try our best to update our printing factory, our products, IT services and advertising methods to make sure our clients and partners get the most out of the market with the newest designs, technologies, printing methods and services.

Our IT team are always looking closely to the newest technologies and newest methods, to create and achieve the best results for our customers.
We will make sure to be always uptodated with the newest advertising methods, promotional gift items, printing products and methods, IT services, Graphic designs and all of our services which we provide you.


We will bring your ideas to life and create the best out of your ideas.
No matter if it’s a online-shop, an application for smartphones or other devices or a design of a logo or any other marketing tools. Simply describe your idea on a paper and write as much as you know about your idea and we will do the rest for you.
Our professional Graphic design team can make and start your design or logo from a simple sketch or drawing on a paper, in other hand our IT team are working day and night to improve our skills, liability and services to be better and achieve to better level everyday. Our IT team made +500 successful online-shops and apps available in the market and we are proud to start your project as our next project very soon.
HMi team is proud to say we provide customized promotional products in a very high number of quantity with maximum time of production and shipping. Simply tell us what type of product in what size and material, what printing and what packing you need and we will do the rest for you.