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Printing products

Printing data will be send to the factory after confirming the layout and design. (Order Confirmation)
There might be text, price, information or any other content mistaken in your data file, after order confitmation and sending the layout for printing, changes might not be able to take place.
Please check your design and layout before sending to us and confirming the order. 
Please make sure to leave at least (2mm) gap from each side of your design and layout for secure cutting, folding or packing.
*Check the right size of your ordered product and save the design/layout depending on.


Data, designs and layouts saved in CMYK colours are the correct format. Any other type of colours saved in files we recieve will be changed to CMYK for printing. As printing on paper is done by combining four colour inks: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Data in RGB colours are not correct colours at all for printing on paper.
RGB colours are primarly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phones.
Kindly make sure your data is created or converted to CMYK before sending to us, and not RGB or other colour formats. If not, we will change to CMYK colours before printing. In such case, colours may come out different than you expect and confirmed.

We don’t use Pantone or Spot colours for printing. If your data has Pantone or Spot colours, you must convert it to CMYK colours before sending to us.
If we recieve any other color format than CMYK, than colours will be converted to CMYK colours. In such case, expect a colour shift in printing and the result might be different than what you expect.


 HMi will not be held responsible for print order mistakes or problems due to poor or wrong data, files and design send to us by the
             clients and customers, or after order confirmation is made by the client.