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Heat transfer

Heat Transfer is printing method which it contains a special printed coated layer or cut vinyl by cutter plotter, and as last step transferring by a specific temperature and pressure to a surface.
Heat transfer printing can be described as transferring a design from your computer to a polyester textile, or hard surfaces such as coated mugs and notebooks. 

Heat transfer printing is a Three job step, finishing a design on computer, if its a colourful design then it needs to be printed with a special not water base ink and if its a single colour then it can be cut by cutter plotter, and as the last step applying the printed or cut design with heat transfer press to  T-shirt.

In past days, heat transfer printing were used for printing polyester cloths. But as heat transfer printing technology is growing every day, the choice of printable products are getting more and more.
Heat transfer printing can be divided to three categories, digital printing and Transfer to a textile, Cutting vinyl  and transferring it to a textile and Sublimation printing.