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Catalog Designing

Your Online Advertising Partner!
From Now, Design and print your own catalog and Brochures with us with the best deals and prices.Design and print your professional catalog and brochure with best prices.



Catalogs are another key element for your business or product, to present and answer any questions in advance, and let your client or customer know more about your service or product.
Many websites are providing an online-Designing platform which we think has some advantages and of course disadvantages. Advantages such as: 
Lower cost, or in some case no cost at all for designing,
Ready-made templates, Most of the online designing systems have a certain number of designs and templates which will make you choose only one of them and not to go any further.
No need to have Knowledge or any special skills for designing
And many more. . . 

But it doesn't stop here, lets see some of the disadvantages of designing online,
You might have a question, unfortunately, no one can help you right away, instead, you have to contact the support team which might take time for you to solve the issue.
You might not have knowledge of how to place the subjects or how to write information about a product or service.
Yes, You will be able to design your own catalog or flyer online for free, but as experience says to us, nothing can lead you to success without enough knowledge or experience, Somewhere you will need support or help from a professional.
and many more.
After solving many points and problems you still might want to check some of your contents, and ask from your self, 
Does this Picture look goof after printing?
What color Shall I use for this part?
How can I change or edit some details in a picture or graphic?
Am I ordering the right paper, quality, format, or finishing?
How long does the printing take usually and am I gonna make it for a certain day to have it?
What if I'm buying it expensive? or what if I can order the same product with a better deal?
What if I'm buying it wrong? or what if I'm ordering the wrong product or material?
And yes, hundred of more questions.


HMi is one of the best places to contact and get a consultation and get everything from only one hand in marketing and advertisement.
We will help you to first know the format, and then to choose the best material which you might want to have, then we finalize the designing and the layout with our expertise, and then our sale team will contact you to check the pre-printing design file and confirmation before printing, and after your confirmation, we will start the printing process only. In most of the cases, free delivery is also included the printing orders over a certain amount of value.
HMi will guarantee you the best prices for printing and designing your Catalog or Brochures.
We are loyal to our customers and their happiness is always our reason and goal of working, because of that We have created a great Compare to Other system, which it lets you compare our prices with others and by getting better offers or price from other companies, we try our best to provide the same prices or better deals to you.

-Note: Terms & Conditions apply for discounts and offers.
-Depending on the order and requirements of our clients, prices might not be able to change or offers might not take place in all conditions and seasons of the year.


Get the best prices and services for designing your Catalog or Brochures. We provide support and we will help you to plan and create your own design of Catalog to increase the quality of your marketing and get better results in return. You might have Changes for your next printing order, don't worry, your data files will stay safe with us and we will save them for your next order, and this will help us to save time and extra cost for your next order.
Our professional graphic designers are well trained, certified, and ready to help you with your designing and redesigning Catalogs or brochures.



As a company, brand, restaurant, medical group, organization, government, airport, or other companies and organizations in different fields and locations, presenting your self and your services is the only way to improve your business and send your messages to your clients or customers. Presentation of your business might be easy or complicated but having a high quality of brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, or in some cases, magazines will always add power to your marketing plans and take you to a different level of business in the market.
Hospitals and Governments are also having their own, this shows the value and the importance of having a great, professional, and well-designed printing products such as brochures and catalogues.
Starter level companies or restaurants need also to have a simpler or starter version of a printed catalog or brochure to make sure they can show to their clients or customers them self-better. No differences are between a wellness studio or a travel agency, and medical center or a pharmacy, and restaurant or a bar, and all of them no matter what field or how big, every single business will need to have a professional printed catalog and flyer. In printed catalog or flyers, usually, you can see instructions, information, pictures, or a guide on how to choose or order, a guide on how to use a product or to know-how are the services benefiting you as a customer. There is no end to the elements which can be mentioned and printed on a catalog (catalog) or flyer, it will all be designed base on our clients or customer and their idea. Over 30 years of experience in this filled will let us guide and help you easier, better, and more professionally which affects the future of your brand.
Depending on your requirement and the amount of information that you want to present to your customers you might design and order a Flyer or a catalog to us. 
We as a perfect, professional, and well experienced online print and your marketing partner will also help you to design and create all of your needs only with us.

Our Graphic Designers are well trained and experienced to design you the best and the newest designs to improve the quality of your presentation and marketing. We guarantee the best quality of pictures, artworks, graphics, designs, and elements on your Catalogs and Brochures
Printing your Catalogs and Brochures can be done in different formats and layouts, we will be happy to help you to choose the best fits your project. 
Printing catalogs can be in different sizes such as A2, A3, A4, A5, and some special formats such as square or circles on demand. Special formats are always for special results and they required a minimum of quantity base on order. Folded, is another option to have in printing catalogs with us. Fond over what fits you over 200 different products in printing catalogs and brochure category page.
Covers can be printed in different materials than the content page for being more strength to carry and easier to present.


Different quality of printing and finishing in catalogs and brochures will surprise you at the end and by the shipping. Best prices are guaranteed matter with us included free shipping, base on orders. ( Some of the orders might not be included free shipping. )
Edge to edge printing in catalogs and brochures is what you get from us by ordering your catalog and brochures to us online or in our store.
From 80g/m2 paper thickness to 350g/m2 is available with us for offset and digital printing and special papers with 400 and 500 g/m2 will lead you to another class of advertising and the result will be an amazing result base to our customer's reviews.


Editing, Designing, and Creating the best and up to dated Elements and Icons for your Catalog and Brochures will make you look better in the market and shine always between your competitors. 

Over 100,000 Successful printed and designed projects give us good and amazing confidence for our next order and every day we keep developing and updating our graphic designer systems to get the best results from all of the jobs done by them.

This makes us happy and proud to say HMi will take care of all your marketing and printing orders and requirements, with the best services, prices, quality, and support. 


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