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Design on Sketch

Is a tool for designers for bringing their ideas and thoughts on a paper in order to see how and why it must be done. Sketch is mostly used for creating a vector graphics, artworks, symbols, icons and any similar files and helps to improve the design it self. 
Designers will mostly first draw a sketch of any art work, in order to arrange the places, sizes and decide for the colors before starting the graphics which it helps a lot to our designers for creating better contents and quality results.


Design on Sketch

Design on sketch, is mostly being used by Graphic Designers, Designers, Architectures,   however we decided to create a better, easier and more professional way for our clients and customers to reach the maximum of quality in their needs and requirements. 
After hours and hours of researches and  decades of experience, we created Design on Sketch to make every possible thing in designing and graphic designing easier.
Our customers can easily draw anything that they have in their mind or any thoughts about an Artwork, Graphics, Flyers, Catalogs, Business cards, Roll-ups, Advertisement or such products and either scan it, take picture form it or deliver it personally to our store and take a free consultation from us, and we will take care of the rest of the work.


Lets see how Design on Sketch works,

First, Draw your Ideas, Design or thoughts on a paper and write details and contents as much as possible. Depending on your order, draw and write information and shapes or any kind of icons if you have in mind.
For example,
If you are ordering a business card design and you have something particular in mind, just draw it on a paper and write some information about your field of business, Profession or type of service, contact number, Email address, office number and more. But if you are ordering a Flyer design, you need to provide us more information about how you started your business, or some benefits of working with you or any other thing as content in order to plan and design it professionally.
*Contact us if you need more help or information*



Second, Take a picture or scan your paper.
Our Graphic designer team will look to your picture or file and will help you with any further information if needed. We will have close look to your idea and guide you with any near or better ideas.




Third, If you are not able to take a picture, or scanning your paper you can easily send it with post or deliver it personally to our store.
Delivering it by your self will always give a benefit of faster in process, in case of having an emergency or an express order call us in addition or send an Email to .
*Check our store location in Contact us page*




Forth, After reviewing your request and files, you will get a free consultation appointment from us either with phone or physically.
Based on your preferation you will get an appointment from us and we will help you to increase the quality of your order/project in professional way. In step 4, you will receive an offer or price for your job order and by confirming and making the payment your order will take place and our designers will start the work for you.
If you have a bigger order, request, or you need a consultation without 'Design on Sketch' program, kindly contact us and our sales team will be happy to serve or help you.