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HMi Postshop


HMi Postshop is a part of HMi GmbH, providing great and best services in posting, sending and receiving packages
and goods in BOCHUM, Germany. We are proud to say a huge number of packages are delivered to our store daily
and we do our best to serve our customers in the best way in order to keep them happy.
Send your goods/packages to all over the Europe with GLS, visit our POSTSHOP to get consultation and pay directly in our store.
or, send your goods with DPD and pay online and deliver it to our postshop.


How to receive your goods/packages from GLS/DPD?

  1. Bring your pickup/receive ticket or your tracking number/shipping number with you.

  2. Bring your passport or German ID card (only the recipient)

  3. Receive your goods, sign for receiving and that's it!


How to receive your goods/packages from WISH?

  1. You will receive a QR CODE from your seller(WISH), Provide it digitally to us and collect your goods!


Our store is located: 
Markstrasse 122
44803 Bochum


#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE01*Picking up your goods or receiving your order, is only allowed with passport or
German ID card (Ausweis) and any other documents such as driving license might not be accepted in our store.(GLS & DPD)*

#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE02*By the low of post in Germany, only the recipient is allowed to receive and sign
for picking up the orders/deliveries, in any other cases the receiver must provide printed copy of letter of power
attorney signed and filled by the recipient and their passport or German ID card for authorization.*

#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE03*HMi Postshop is not responsible for any delays or problems while delivery or
shipping items, for any complain, report or information please contact directly your delivery company.*

#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE04*Due the German and Europe laws we are not able to provide any information
about delivery date, delivery status of orders/packages online, over the phone or via mail. Kindly contact your
seller or delivery company directly for more information.*

#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE05*HMi postshop is not responsible for printing or copying any documents for
the recipient or receiver of packages/goods. Any extra cost in this matter is on costumer and must be paid extra
in the store.

#POST_HMi-Postshop_RULE06*All the letter of power of attorneys will be recorded in our system for 2 years for
security purposes.*