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Our website contains links to other sites owned by us or others.
Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. By clicking on any link and leaving our site, please make sure to read the privacy statements of any other site. Other websites owned by us, might be in another country or continent and terms and conditions might be written in another way to satisfy the targeted market or place and people. Please make sure to read all the privacy terms and conditions before ordering or claiming.


Our website uses COOKIES and files that are similar to cookies. Cookies mostly will be created by your browser at our request and saved on your computer. When the cookie is stored on your computer we will read the cookie to identify you as a customer and help us to prove better for you. Cookies do not save and store any personal information about you or from your computer.
Most Web browsers accept cookie automatically, and some of the browsers allow users to decide and reject cookies.
With not accepting and allowing cookies or by deleting your cookies some options and features of our website and our shopping cart may not work properly.

Reservation of rights

HMi retains all property rights and copyrights for all the artistic work as well the final designs of images, drawing, articles and products.
The logos and names which are used in our website are mostly from our previous orders and cooperation’s, is only to show how a logo will be printed on a promotional product.
HMi will not forward any customer data to any third parties for advertising.
The products sold to end users might be used for our advertising pictures and videos over our homepage, social media and etc.