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Large Format Printing | Professional online Poster & Sticker Printing

Large Format Printing in Bochum!

Different papers, different sizes, different printing qualities and finishing is available at HMi Copycenter.
From small size and quantity printing up to larger sizes and quantities are available in our store, contact us and let our sales team guide you and help you. We print with different printers and technologies, to increase the chance of exceeding our customer needs. 
HMi is proud to say that we are our customers one-stop for advertising and printing. Making changes in your pictures, graphics, artworks and printing them on high-quality papers. Over +200 different papers and materials with different inks, printing technologies, different finishings, cuttings, foldings are available at HMi copycenter.



From 300 g/mpearl premium photo paper to 400 g/m2 hard paper for packing, and from 70 g/m2 CAD and planning papers to 350 g/m2 Premium white and color papers are available in HMi Copy center.
• Some of our Large Format Printing products and service:

  • High quality of Poster Printing
  • High quality of Picture Printing
  • Premium 12 color printing 
  • 8 colors High-quality Printing
  • Eco-Solvent Printing system
  • Latex Printing System
  • Sticker Printing and cutting
  • Window Sticker
  • Banner Printing
  • Print & Cut system
  • Professional Cutting System
  • Printing and cold lamination
  • Printing and Hot Lamination
  • Printing matt Stickers
  • Printing Glossy Stickers
  • Printing Company Labels
  • Print and cut with special Epoxy Effect
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Sublimation Large Format Printing
  • Hard surface premium 4/0 color printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Roll Sheet printing
  • Printing and folding 
  • Roll Printing, Cutting and folding System
  • Large quantity flyer printing and folding system
  • Large quantity poster Printing
  • 100% water resistance ink system printing
  • 100% UV Printing
  • Print and dry system for outdoor posters
  • Water-resistance stickers printing and cutting
  • & more...

Some of material which stickers and posters can be applied to, 

  • Vinyl
  • Cloth
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Foam Board
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Metal


*Visit our store in Bochum, If you are not able to visit  -HMi Copycenter- (Copyshop in Bochum), Kindly contact us and we will help you to ship or deliver your order. 

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Large format Printing is to increase the chance of being seen and it improves a business while more people will see your sign, brand, or name. Informing people with a sign made from PVC Banner, Textile Banner, Plastic Banner, on Cotton made material, Mixed Fabric materials, glass, plastic glass, woods or any other materials will give you the chance of better marketing and better sales. 
Large format printing is usually used often for marketing, branding, advertising, or sending messages to peoples. In addition CAD drawings, CAD Plans, Structure plans, street plans, and similar objects are the other type of large format printing, however, in this case, we print on 70 g/m2 or 90 g/m2 paper with less ink and color, to decrease the price that our customer must pay. Our CAD printing offer starts at 3,99€ for A2 size.
Posters, are also called placards and they are since years ago one of the best selling items for marketing and advertising, which can be printed and designed by us from 1 piece up to 200.000 copies for larger orders with a very short delivery time and at the lowest cost possible. 

Do you want to grow your business? Are you looking for a company to help you for your marketing and IT services? Are planning to develop your business in Germany or Europe?
HMi Is your best partner for your marketing, IT, and printing services. Contact us to get a free consultation. 
HMi team will be happy to serve you as a new customer. We will help you from designing, printing, shipping or delivering, and achieving to the best result.

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